Meet our Solutions

Taylor-made solutions for your goals

Our purpose if to offer the best solutions aligned with your goals. With this commitment we manage resources and create financial solutions fostering access to alternative investments. Moreover, we aim at providing sustainable growth alternatives and family planning for companies.

Investment Funds

Distressed Assets

Distressed Assets investments is a well-known asset class in more developed economies and is constantly growing in Brazil. This type of investment aims at higher return rates than conventional investments by the means of acquiring assets well below their market value due to many different reasons.

Apuama Capital has a highly specialized team in originating and acquiring this kind of assets and, through your managers, specialized consultants and layers, has the ability of reducing risk involved using their deep knowledge of Brazilian legal system.


This investment vehicles seeks profitability for family’s and individual wealths. This kind of structure aims at increasing investments’ tax efficiency just as simplifying inheritance, protection and wealth declaration.


Apuama Capital structures and managed Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds and Credit Rights Funds, (standardized or not).

They are frequently used as a professional fundraising vehicle for matured companies, moreover they provide advantages related to inheritance and wealth protection.

Capital Markets

Debt Structuring and Re-Structuring

Apuama Capital provides access to Capital Markets for middle companies (revenue from USD 30 MM to USD 300 MM). Currently, many Brazilian companies go to commercial banks for funding, without knowing that the market might be able to offer more advantageous conditions. We structure and re-structure credit bonds through structured operations (Bonds, MBSs, ABSs, bank notes and so on) focusing on investors’ safety.

Fiduciary Agent

Apuama Capital act as a Fiduciary Agent in debt bonds structured by itself and others. The service consists in advocating in favour of the investors and protecting their interests, monitoring collaterals constitution and covenants calculation until the final settlement.

Corporate Finance

Financial Modelling

We model a wide variety of projects and operations in sectors such as infrastructure, retail, energy, real estate, industry, transport and agribusiness. Frequently, companies need viability studies under different perspectives, being it for valuation, expansion, cash flow necessity, projection and others. Through a deep knowledge of finance-related subjects, Apuama Capital produces studies aimed at assisting those companies to meet their goals.

Business Plan

Good planning is a healthy habit for every type of business, since the lack thereof might compromise its success. On that page, Apuama Capital acts in conjunction with the company directos to conceive an efficient business plan thus maximizing its sucess chance.